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Various Types of Poultry Netting

  • Galvanized Chicken Wire

    We can supply the traditional and popular galvanized chicken wire with smooth surface, long service life and corrosion resistance for poultry rearing.

  • PVC Coating Chicken Wire

    PVC coating chicken wire with high quality material and UV stabilized and durable features is popular with farmers for poultry rearing.

  • Stainless Steel Chicken Wire

    Stainless steel chicken wire with acid and alkali resistance features can be used in the harsh environments and areas for poultry, animal rearing.

  • Hexagonal Plastic Poultry Fence

    Hexagonal plastic poultry fence with soft and UV stabilized structures, is an alternative choice as cages or barriers for poultry protection and rearing.

  • Oriented Plastic Poultry Netting

    Oriented plastic poultry netting with round strand and small mesh size can be used for enclose an area or cage to prevent predators from entering.

  • Chain Link Poultry Netting

    Chain link poultry netting is specially designed with small mesh size and thin wires to form a coop or run for chicken, duck and other poultry.

  • Welded Poultry Netting

    Welded poultry netting, with galvanized and PVC coating types supplies long service life for farmers to rearing poultry and animals.

  • Hardware Cloth

    Hardware cloth with extremely small mesh size is used to supply the highest class protection for poultry.

  • Poultry Field Fence

    Poultry field fence with square knots and hinge joint types is widely used in the small area or large scale poultry rearing.

  • Poultry Netting Accessory

    We can supply different kinds of poultry netting, which can fasten the poultry netting to the posts and frame firmly and stably.