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Rapid Development of Honesty & Faith Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

Established in 1998, Honesty & Faith Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing and exporting poultry netting to customers from all over world. How we can stand in millions of companies in same field of China.

Young and Vibrant

Compared with those companies have hundreds of history, we are young. But young and vibrant are our feature. Most of our staff are young and full of ideas and originality. We believe everything is possible. So we can success and they are the escorts of our success.

Complete and Accurate

Our poultry netting is most complete and can fit almost all of the requirements of our customers. No matter you are a full-time farmer or a part-time enthusiast, you can find the perfect products from us. you can browse our product list, to get more information about the products.

  • Chicken Wire.
  • Plastic Poultry Netting.
  • Chain link & Welded.
  • Poultry Field Fence & Accessory.

Professional and Skilled

Professional is the representative of our sales team, including the pre-sales team and after-sales team.

Pre-sales team is equipped with rich products information and fluent oral English. They can communicate with you with no barrier. They can know your requirements first and give you the relevant suggestion about how to choose and why you should choose it.

In the course of usage and installation, if you have any question, you can contact with our after-sales team. They are online in 7 × 24 hours, so they can solve all of your problems around the clock.

Skilled is the standard of our workers. All of our workers are permitted on duty only passing the training and inspection. In the period of production, they can not only know how to operate but also know how to operate well. They can shorten the production time and improve production efficiency.

Strict and Rigorous

Products test is strict. After production, all of the products should be distributed to the test department. They will test one by one no matter how tight is the schedule. Only the qualified products can be delivered to the customer. It is our principle as well as the requirements of our customers.

"Strong horse with strong saddle", best quality products should have perfect package. We are rigorous in package of products. The package should be rust and corrosion resistance and can bear the harsh environments during the transportation. Every product our customers received is complete and in perfect condition.