• Several chickens in the netting built with PVC coating chicken wire.
  • Two small chickens are foraging in the area enclosed by the oriented plastic poultry netting.
  • Three chickens in the cage covered by the hardware cloth.
  • Several chickens are foraging in the chain link poultry netting enclosure.

Poultry Netting - Various Types and Material

Established in 1998, Honesty & Faith Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is keen on manufacturing and exporting poultry netting. We can supply the best quality poultry netting for you, which has various types and materials. Moreover, we can give you the professional suggestion and solution according to your requirements.

Two chickens are foraging in the area surrounded by galvanized chicken wire.Chicken Wire

Chicken wire is the traditional and most popular types of poultry netting. It has different twist type: Normal twist and reverse twist. With different materials of galvanized, PVC coating and stainless steel, poultry netting can supply corrosion and rust resistance for long service life.

Several chickens in the cage built with plastic poultry netting.Plastic Poultry Netting

Plastic poultry netting is an alternative choice of traditional chicken wire. Made from polyethylene and polypropylene, plastic poultry netting is UV stabilized and weather resistance. Additional, the plastic poultry netting is lightweight and easy to install and uninstall.

Two chickens are in the welded poultry netting enclosure.Chain Link & Welded

Chain link poultry netting is woven into diamond meshes and welded poultry netting is welded into square mesh. Chain link poultry netting is flexible and welded poultry netting is firm and stable. The galvanized and PVC coating or coated surface ensure good condition in application.

Several chickens in the coop made with square knot field fence.Poultry field fence & Accessory

Poultry field fence has hinge joint and square knot two types. The special structure of the conjunction make poultry field fence has higher tensile strength to bear impact from predator. Additional, the poultry netting accessory can fasten poultry netting onto post and frame firmly and stably.

Except for the most complete products, we have lots of other features.

  • Young and vibrant. We own a young history and lots of vibrant staff.
  • Professional and skilled. We have professional sales team, including pre-sales team and after-sales team, we also have skilled workers who can reduce production time and improve working efficiency.
  • Strict and rigorous. Products test is strict. Only the qualified products can be delivered to our customers. Besides, the products are equipped with rigorous package, which can ensure the products in perfect condition.

If you are interested in our products or want to know more about us, you can Email to us via protective@poultry-netting.com.

Hot Products

  • Galvanized Chicken Wire

    We can supply the traditional and popular galvanized chicken wire with smooth surface, long service life and corrosion resistance for poultry rearing.

  • Hexagonal Plastic Poultry Fence

    Hexagonal plastic poultry fence with soft and UV stabilized structures, is an alternative choice as cages or barriers for poultry protection and rearing.

  • Chain Link Poultry Netting

    Chain link poultry netting is specially designed with small mesh size and thin wires to form a coop or run for chicken, duck and other poultry.

  • Poultry Field Fence

    Poultry field fence with square knots and hinge joint types is widely used in the small area or large scale poultry rearing.